Monday, 2 October 2017

Mr Prime Minister...

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

I am laboring to write this to you because I still consider you to be the best ever PM of this country. The only other person who has earned as much love and respect is Lal Bahadur Shastri who had rightly identified the national priorities through his slogan ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’. Unfortunately the dark forces working against the nation succeeded in eliminating him before he could make an impact.

Gujaratis are successful banias no doubt and hence your thrust on economic reforms can be appreciated in that context. But to believe that better economic affairs will translate to better quality of life for individuals is a myth. (Even for arguments sake if one agrees with it, there cannot be any doubt that such economic prosperity and equitable distribution of such wealth will remain a myth for a long, long time to come!) Closer home, in Kerala, I remember a talk show where the impact of declaring Kottayam as the first fully literate district in the State was being discussed. One of the participants had said that the number of complaints had increased! But more than two decades down the line I can vouch for how complaints are being treated by the authorities in Kerala-as trash!

I believe that a citizen who is seriously aggrieved can only do two things to get the grievance redressed- approach the courts or the police. But as per a Transparency International Report these are the most corrupt institutions in the country! (By the way, TI is facing contempt of court charges for publishing that Report!) But long before TI started publishing its reports or social media became an effective tool for reporting events live, I have heard older generations pray for passing through this life without having to enter a court or a police station!

By the very fact that justice delayed is justice denied, it can be concluded that our judiciary is an absolute failure. But the worse thing is that even after preposterous delays most of the decisions do not pass the test of logical deductions and just conclusions. My own study of certain court decisions tells me that the introductions are flowery and appeal to the gallery, the facts are generally non-disputable (though the complete facts may not be there!), the deductions are hazy and the conclusions?............. Preposterous!) I feel offended when the judges quote the poor judge to population ratio as the reason for the unacceptable delays. This itself is a lie and needs to be viewed as something like throwing one’s garbage into the neighbor’s plot! Here are some figures to prove them wrong:

Cases filed in one year (1999): India -13.6 Million (1,36,68,073); USA- 93.81 Million!
Docket’s per judge: India -987 per Judge; USA-3235 per Judge.

Suffice to say that judge to population ratio is irrelevant and what matters is the judge to docket ratio and any judge who doesn’t understand this logic should be considered incompetent to be a judge at all!

Further, whether it is the then CJI K G Balakrishanan declaring his office to be out of purview of the RTI Act or a former judge being compensated with Rs 100 cr in a defamation case or sending a sitting high court judge to jail for contempt of court, our judiciary has proved that it is a law unto themselves and the biggest threat to rule of law!

Of course under the circumstances you cannot do anything about it. I wish you had the wherewithal to impeach a few judges in quick succession so that democracy prevails instead of judicracy!

But if judiciary is bad, the quasi judicial organizations, intended to address limited areas of conflicts with simpler procedures are worse! Whether it is consumer disputes redressal for a/commissions constituted under the Consumer Protection Act or the plethora of ombudsmen and commissions like Human Rights Commissions and Information Commissions, they have all become rehabilitation centers for the worst public servants, after their retirement from regular employment, at tax payers’ cost! Though they are all directly under the Executive arm of the Constitution, complaints against them are simply dismissed on the ground that they are autonomous authorities! It may be due to incompetence or may be simply shirking responsibility taking advantage of the abhorable state of our judiciary. You may go through my blog at to have a first hand feedback on how, right from the word go, the information commissioners have been subverting the RTI Act!

Coming to the administration in government, the less said the better. To put it bluntly, these are the people who are breeding criminals in the country. Journalist Taveleen Singh, writing for the Indian Express on Feb 21, 2010 (India’s bureaucratic albatross, had stated ‘Every time I deal with Indian officials I become so depressed that I almost need therapy.’ After all she was a lady and can be forgiven for not wanting to thrash the hell out of them! (Now please do not ask me why I do not do such a thing. As a man out of uniform, the feeling is like a wild animal domesticated and left back in the woods!)The state of implementation of the only citizen friendly and pro-democracy law of the land-the Right to Information Act-has proved beyond any iota of doubt that most of the so called public servants are not only worse than the worst criminals known to mankind they are also forcing ordinary, hard working, honest, law abiding citizens to take law into their own hands!

Having said all that, I must blame you squarely for two things- ill treating the soldiers and illogically enforcing the UID. Going for civilian sahayaks, doing away with free rations for officers in peace time and tasking soldiers to clean garbage can all be seen only as illogical, petty and intended to purposely hurt the ego and morale of the soldiers. The veterans protesting at Jantar Mantar do have a more comprehensive list of grievances, all genuine, for sure.
The concept of UID is no doubt good but it is a hard fact that developed countries like the U S of A, UK and Australia, with a fraction of our population and many times per capita GDP,  had given it up on issues of cost and privacy! And in our own country, in spite of its use for over 6 decades, our public servants have not been able to issue even ration cards without mistakes!


P M Ravindran

Monday, 25 September 2017

Ms Nirmala Seethaaraman- be Raksha Mantri not Kaamwaali Mantri

Attention: Ms Nirmala Seethaaraman, Raksha Mantri, Govt of India

Shame on you! With the first order you signed you have reduced (!) yourself from the Raksha Mantri of this nation (also known as a sub continent!) to a Kaamwali (to borrow a term from my Hindi speaking friends) Mantri! If you were really not interested in the security of the Nation and matters military you could have said that to the Prime Minister who could have created a new ministry for Swatch Bharat to be headed by a Cabinet Minister and installed you there!

I had seen and heard you a few times as the spokesperson of BJP and had been impressed with your understanding of the subject you were speaking on and the way you articulated them. But you reinforce the fact that juggling with words as an armchair expert is a different game from putting your shoulder to the wheel and working to produce tangible and perceivable results.

I have no doubt about the need for and urgency in a mission like Swatch Bharat. I have no idea either of how much taxpayers’ money has been squandered on the project and how much of it has really been spent on producing results. But in the township I live in, the only municipality in Kerala headed by the BJP, I know some effort had been made to earmark places for dumping garbage and signposting them but ultimately what has happened is that the Municipality has declared its intention to withdraw from its primary duty of keeping the town clean! The last date for their employees collecting segregated waste from homes (on payment, of course!) has been extended from 31 Aug 2017 to 01 Oct 2017! If they have created practical alternate arrangements for waste disposal I am not aware of it! By the way this local self governing body has been directly responsible for polluting fresh water sources like ponds by routing storm water (cum sewage!) drains to ponds and more than once the Ombudsman for Local Self Governing Bodies had directed it to clean them up without any effect! To be honest, this is not a problem with this Municipality only.

Coming back to matters military, do you know that it is the man behind the machine and his morale that is the ultimate battle winning factor? And when I say that this factor- morale - has been on slippery slope for years believe me as the voice of the voiceless. Yes, over the years, since the day we are told we got independence, there is nothing that the governments of the day have done to give him the justice and honour that is due to him. Worse, all of them have only worked towards exacerbating his plight! Even by the simple principle of equal pay for equal work one can say the Sepoy of the Indian Army deserves better pay and perks than the Cabinet Secretary of the Union Government. And to quote Aravind Kumar, Jurist and lawyer ('Needed high speed legal redressal', Pioneer, Kochi, 01 Aug 2006): Justice is an intrinsic human need. We suffer much privation but we cannot suffer being wronged. Absence of justice, we must not forget, is one of the causes of crime. Fortunately our soldiers are not inclined to crimes and the simplest of those that are committed are punished with a heavy hand. In fact they are in the most unenviable situation because their official tasking demands either they do or die. But that does not give anybody the liberty to task them with any and every errand in the world. By the way, can you ensure that your babus, led by the IASwallahs and wallies, the ones who have reduced government administration to a synonym for corruption and treason, keep their offices and premises clean without the help of safaikaramcharis?

I rest my case here for now. You may also read my blog at
Yours truly,

(P M Ravindran) /   25 Sep 2017

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Adhaar-incorrect verification and inaction on complaints

File: Pers/comp-u min eit-adhaar verfn-020818                                                       02 Aug 2017

Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad (
Union Minister for Law, Justice, Electronics & Information Technology
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, (Government of India)
Electronics Niketan, 6, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi: 110003


1.      I had learnt from information in public domain that a project like UIDAI had been tried in the US of A, UK and Australia and had been given up on two counts- cost and privacy. But still the previous UPA government had gone ahead and invested thousands of crores of rupees of tax payer’s money in UIDAI which was then only seen as a scam on the lines of 2G, Coalgate and Vadragate. Even the BJP had opposed it tooth and nail then. But horror of horrors, the same party, since its coming to power in 2014, has been pursuing it more vigorously than its predecessor. And that, even while many cases are pending in various courts, including the apex court! Personally, I never needed any certificate from anyone or even any orders from any court to believe that though the concept is very good, it is not implementable. This comes from the experience with issue of ration cards which has not been streamlined even now. The Government of Kerala had even faced a crisis situation because of its failure to reissue these cards in the context of Food Security Act. And it was only on 29 Jul 2017 that the local media reported that 25000 persons, including government employees, had been removed from the Priority List in just Palakkad district!

2.      With that as prelude, here is the actual complaint. 

3.      I got my Adhaar card on 24 Apr 2017. And in less than a month I got an e mail  addressing me as Ravi Kumar Ojha and intimating that an adhaar bearing number xxxx xxxx 5222 had been successfully used to authenticate a transaction involving Idea Cellular Ltd! (the screen shot of the mail is given as Annxure 1).

4.      I complained to and on 18 May 2017 as follows:

Quote begin
Refer your email of 14 May 2017.
I am not Ravi Kumar Ojha! Nor have I ever dealt with Idea Cellular Ltd in my life!
Now please explain how this mail has been sent to me.
Is it that Ravi Kumar Ojha's finger prints match mine?
Even if it was so, how did Ravi Kumar Ojha's adhaar number get linked to this e mail id?
And why only to the e mail id and not mobile number provided at the time of registering for Adhaar?
Quote end



5.      In response I was asked to provide the following details through an e mail from of the same date, that is 18 May 2017:

Quote begin
Your case (20170518000392) has been registered with us. Please find below our response against your query:
Query 1(Subcase Id :2017051800039201)
We request you to please confirm if email ID and last four digits of Aadhaar Number (as mentioned in the received email) belong to you.
In case the email id and last four digits of Aadhaar number belong to you, we request you to please revert immediately with following additional information for Aadhaar team to investigate the case:
a. Full Name (Mandatory)
b. Address with State and pin code (Mandatory)
c. Phone number (Mandatory)
UIDAI Team might contact you for more details.
Quote end

6.      My response of 10 Jun 2017, to the above mail, was as follows:
Quote begin
Mr Administrator,
The fact is established that the original mail had come from your e mail id.
Hence, firstly, you are required to respond to the queries raised in my complaint which are repeated below:
Now please explain how this mail has been sent to me.
Is it that Ravi Kumar Ojha's finger prints match mine?
Even if it was so, how did Ravi Kumar Ojha's adhaar number get linked to this e mail id?
And why only to the e mail id and not mobile number provided at the time of registering for Adhaar?
Next, isn't it possible for you to identify my registered e mail id and adhaar number from my name which I had used in my e mail for lodging the complaint? By the way, the Aadhaar bears only this name and not my full name and my full name is not in your records because the proof of identity used by your franchisee had only this name and he NEVER asked for my full name! Now, I shall provide my full name only AFTER receiving a satisfactory response to my queries.
My address along with PIN code and mobile number are registered with you and is correctly mentioned in my adhaar document also.
I also take this opportunity to place on record the fact that your failure to disclose your identity is not acceptable. Public servants have no right to privacy in their professional communications.
Quote end


7.      I haven’t got any response to that till now. However I have got another e mail, dated 26 Jul 2017, intimating another such fraud authentication with Punjab National Bank! Screen shot of this mail is attached as Annexure 2.

8.      I request you to get the matter investigated and arrange to get the system corrected before the problem becomes too complicated to correct. The role of those responsible for investigating complaints and their failure to provide satisfactory answer to my complaint registered with them as Case No 20170518000392 also need to be investigated.

Yours truly,

Major P M Ravindran (Retd)

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

comp-pm-220417-need for NQJAAC

File:Comp/PM/220417                                                                                 22 Apr 2017

Mr Prime Minister,

Greetings! Have a great day!

Before I proceed further I must express my helplessness in compromising with the twin requirements of brevity and comprehensiveness while writing to somone like you. You are the first Prime Minister that I know of who is working so hard, so focussed and with the best interests of the nation in your mind. The only other name I can recollect is of Sri Lal Bahadur Sastri. But unfortunately his term was cut short and we are still to know the truth behind his mysterious death in foreign soil.

Somebody had rightly said that those who condemn politics as the last refuge of a scoundrel are bound to be ruled by scoundrels. And we need not go further than our Constitution to realise how those who had inherited power from the colonisers let down the masses who had made tremendous sacrifices for the freedom they had struggled for. Law makers without any prescribed qualities, qualifications or experience, their men Fridays (popularly known as bureaucrats, who are required to help them in decision making by collecting and collating data and maintaining records) without any accountability but with all the scope for manipulations and a judiciary which has the scope for making the most arbitrary and whimsical decisions being held not only without accountability and beyond criticism but also protected by a totally illogical and weird armour called contempt of court, are the essential features of this Constitution in a nut shell.With such a Constitution and laws made under it, it is no wonder that governance in India had become synoymous with corruption and treason!

Now, I am also aware that you have no magic wand to do all that needs to be done. But still there can be a list of to do things arranged priority wise. And here is where all that thrust on Swatch Bharat and Make in India, however well intented and necessary, sound as hollow as Garibi Hatao of the 1970s.

Continued overleaf...


Changes must no doubt begin with government administration. I do not know if you have heard about the Independent Commission against Corruption of Hong Kong and how they cleansed the country of corruption in the 1980s. The reality in India is terribly worse. But nothing seems to be moving in that direction. I must say that much more than what has been achieved by demonetisation would have been achieved by conducting a surgical strike at corruption at the top echelons of the bureaucracy. Your thrust on Aadhaar can also be considered quixotic given the fact that a similar program had been discarded by much thinly populated but economically much stronger nations like the US of A, UK and Australia on two counts- privacy and cost. And we are a country where even after continuing with a program like PDS ever since independence, we cannot issue ration cards faultlessly! If you doubt my words ask the CM, Mr Pinarayi Vijayan, why the Food Security Act has not been implemented in Kerala so far!

The implementation of the Right to Information Act should be a case study on how laws should not be enacted only to be subverted with impunity by those very public servants who are tasked, empowered, equipped and paid to enforce them. I can state without an iota of doubt that had our justice delivery system been even 10 pc as effective as it ought to be all the information commissioners at the Central Information Commission and Kerala State Information Commission would be spending the rest of their life behind bars after being convicted under Sec 219 of the IPC.

That also brings me to the fact that all crimes, with exceptions, can be considered to begin in some government office. It starts with denial of mandatory services, progresses through bribe and culminates with judiciary asking for proof for demand of bribe for convicting the corrupt! You may like to recollect the case where a lower court judge in Gujarat had issued non bailable warrants against the then President and the then CJI after taking bribes. After the initial hue and cry the matter ended with the apex court exonerating the judge on the ground that he signs many documents in a day and he cannot be held guilty if some wrong documents had been signed by him! And one is yet to know of the results of the prosecution of the sting operators in that case for defaming the judiciary! And what has happened to P D Dinakaran who resigned the day before he was to be impeached? And the case where bribe money was delivered wrongly to one judge instead of another judge with a similar name?
Continued ...


The apex court may have illegally abrogated the National Judicial Appointment Commission Act and one can understand your helplessness. Hoping for the day when you will have atleast two thirds majority in the Parliament and one can work towards not only a National Judicial Appointment Commission  but also the more important National Judicial Accountability Commission with powers to try judges as per laws applicable to ordinary citizens and with double the
severity in punishments. Meanwhile what about all those quasi judicial organisations which are as bad or worse than the information commissions and even the courts? Don’t you think that a National Quasi Judicial Appointments Commission and a National Quasi Judicial Accountability Commission are equally needed and feasible?

I will sign off for now because when I start on this subject of transparency and accountabilty in government the volume could exceed Mahabharath and Ramayan put together. There are some blogs posted at dealing with subjects ranging from ‘Who will judge the judges?‘ to ‘Will the army chief get justice?‘ and ‘Fraud in governance and redressal of public grievances‘ to ‘ RTI Act-Shailesh Gandhi and Schopenhauer's Law of Entropy‘ and ‘ RTIA-Exposing the Idiots and Traitors amoung Public Servants‘ to ‘ For whom the Soldiers sacrifice their Lives And Lifes…‘. You may like to peruse them.

To conclude, I only hope that this letter will be put up to you. But I also know that I can get through to you without any babus coming between us. So please do not be surprised if I have to post this as a blog and tweet the URL to you.

Jai Hind!

Regards and best wishes,

(P M Ravindran)

Sri Narendra Damodardas Modi
Prime Minister

7, Race Course Road, New Delhi

Note: This has been forwarded to Dept of Justice by the PMO. Its status can be checked at by entering registration number as PMOPG/D/2017/0195841


These are the citizens who had supported the petition at, the text of which is now posted at

429. Prof P Sudarshan The legal and Judicial system of India is a travesty of Justice and a betrayal of the constitution of the world's largest 'democracy' AND a republic, to boot. Judges, akin to Caesar's wife, ought to be above reproach. By this measure Indian Judges AND Chief Justices of India have betrayed India. Judicial activism seems to be a reactive response (far from proactive), more as a cover for gross judicial failure since Independance. Reforms have to proceed from the TOP, not the bottom. Is there any hope for the Indian Judicial system to redeem itself from the present abysmal depths to which it has volutarily, happily descended, as a cohort of treachery, corruptrion & nepotism? Remember, Revolutions including violent ones like the French Revolutions, DONT start from the TOP....they are initiated by the frustrations of repressed masses....a mere 1.2 billion in India, that is Bharat!  E42 'MANISH', 10 Convent Rd, Bangalore 560025
428. Somasekhar V K There should not be any limitation of time for those affected and even past cases can be tried. Since like in Thomas case these judges enjoy powers even after retirement as they have tended to Corrupt Politicians.  
427. Mathew Thomas   Flat 102, Saroj Fantasy Apartments, Bhuvaneshwari road, Whitefield, Bangalore 560066
426. rakesh omprakash agrawal i filed pitition misconduct of judges high court bombay on 11/02/2011 masgad,jalna ,maharastra ,431203
425. rakesh omprakash agrawal very very good mastgad,jalna,maharastra

424. Brig Sukhdev Singh Advocate S Bhushan has conveyed to the Supreme Court the state of integrity of Judges,incl the CJ's of the Apex Court.There is an urgent need for the Govt to take remedial measures to restore the confidence of the public in the Judiciary.One of these actions could be the Judicial Reforms Commissionin addition to any other legislation aimed at making the Judiciary more accountable.  
422. Kishabhau Godbole I am victim of frevilous litigation by Bata India Ltd b-303, King Circle Apart. Camp Road , Amravati 444 602
421. Rajeev Kumar    
420. sunder rajan    
419. RAJ KISHORE VAISH you are right sir  
418. Abdul Wajid Justice is to be considered necessarily in this case! 4, new colony pallikarnai, Chennai-100
417. satish    
416. Barath P No one should be above the law in a democratic country like ours  
415. M K Singhal I agree A46 Suryanagar, Ghaziabad, UP, 201011
414. Angel Adams    

413. Ananth Arumugam Make the system transparent  
412. Leslie_almeida    
411. J. P. SHAH    
410. ????? ?????? ????? - Sandeep Narayan Shelke   Bharat
409. praveen kumar The judges shouldn't escape if they are guilty 19/5 narayana mudali street. sowcarpet, chennai-79
407. SHYAMPRASAD MANTRI I strongly support and it is immediately need to save the democracy and eradicate corruption Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Human Rights Council, Visakhapatnam-530002
406. Arti Srivastava Please go ahead with this. We need to start SOMEWHERE  
405. T.M.Alexander The corruption starts from top to bottom and not from bottom to top. So it is time to revamp the system from Parliament first. See how many criminals are sitting in the Parliment and we are crying for a good governance/system. Think, from where the cleaning process should start. Best Wishes for this attempt.  
404. Trivendra This step is need of the hour, If we are successful in this drive, We will be forming BHARAT UDAI fruit of which will be before our generations to come  
403. Victor Cooper Complete overhaul of judicial syatem is at least 3 decades overdue  
402. RB Kuruvilla This should have been done ages ago. Purakulam Estate, Cherambadi- 643205. Nilgiris, Tamilnadu.
401. G.Ravindran Nair Someone has to take the initiative for such things. well done Major Ravi. Post Box No. 102, Abu Dhabi.
400. Aridaman Jit Singh The entire rot revolves around failure of Indian judicial system, when every one gets confident that he can get away with anything and everything then it leads to current state of chaos. whether bureaucrats or politicians, every one knows that they can get away with it, the situation leads to the state of chaos known as India
399. Prof. Abdul Gani Bhat Good attempt but have forgotten to delete the meaningless, fruitless and laborious clause of impeachment by parliement. further when the guilt of the Judge is proved all his properties need to be confiscated by the State and he be treated as a henious criminal Pomposh Lane, Natipora, Srinagar-190015
398. Ex-Sgt.Jagdip Singh Sr.VP (AIDB)Mohali It Should Be. SAS Nagar Mohali
397. B RAGHUNATHAN   57, Gautham Colony, AWHO SECTOR A, Secunderabad
396. Col M jagirdar    
395. Col BM Malhotra    
394. Suresh Bakshi    
393. LtCdr (retd) Beniwal immediately required. some judges give judgements based purely on extraneous reasons. They just refuse to read the law. They have become law unto themselves.
392. Col MN Shankar    
391. DK Bhardwaj Judiciary must be answerable and time bound ruling ought to find way in the judiciary. Number of courts, thus judges must commensurate with the population and accessability of the place. Delays must be accounted for. Type of case where a quick decision is required as much as the age of litigants must be considered. No idea a judgement coming after the litigant is dead.  
390. sandeep more    
389. B.A.Hussain    

388. Damodar Bhide    
387. Vijay Sawant    
386. Nagaraj Mysore Raghupathi Who Dares To BELL THE CAT ? VISIT  #LIG-2 / 761 , HUDCO FIRST STAGE , LAXMIKANTANAGAR , HEBBAL , MYSORE-570017
385. atul bhatt    
384. R W Pathak    
383. JASBEER SINGH A strong, independent and honest judiciary is a pre-requisite to launching a government wide administration clean-up program. Let's clean up judiciary first. 13915 - 127 Street
381. shanti kumar    
380. Col(retd) VK SEKHRI    
379. Brig (Retd) HS Sandhu, VSM A long overdue action.  
378. Brigadier Dinesh Mathur Appropriate action D 302 Celebrity Homes Palam Vihar, Gurgaon 122017
377. Commodore Suresh Sawhney    
376. Dr Rajive Kohli This pillar of our country needs much strengthening. i - 27 jangpura extn, new delhi
375. V Mahalingam    
374. Balbir Singh    
373. S K Menon If the Armed Forces can be asked to operate after repealing the AFSPA when they are called in after the civil administration and the law of the land FAILS then why can't Judges, Ministers and Central Civil Services people also come under the laws and procedures as the 'common' Indian?  
372. jaspal bhinder    
371. Prem Hejmadi There is an urgent need to weed out the 'dirty' judges, and the sooner the better for the Country.  
369. Mohan Das    
368. Ritu Singh Sachar   B1/921, Block 16, Silver City, Sector 93, Noida 201304
367. K.S.Menon I am a victim pending judicial delays for my pension for having served the Indian Navy for 14 years.Now, I am 75 yrs old and how long I have to wait??? 311,Golfmanor Apts.,Bangalore-17.
366. Lt. Col ( Retd. ) V. K. Arora A Good Beginning. Should encompass other spheres and Govt. Depts.  
364. Col Anand Judiciary must be transparent Trivandrum 12
363. Brig R Rangachari When we are for all kinds of reforms why not include judicial Reform?  
362. Maj.Gen.Govind Swaroop Srivastava,AVSM, (Retd)    
361. Col(retd) Gurminder Singh I am loosing faith in legal system  
360. Onkar Singh Goraya I entirely agree with the recommendations made herein.  #201, Sector 12, PANCHKULA, 134112.
359. Francis Dias It is High time that the law of the land applies to judges as well and they are not treated differently.  
357. gk balakrishna    
356. Col I. Ramachandran    
355. COLONEL LVK RAJ Why exempt Judiciary from transparency ??  
354. Col [ Retd ] S C Mago    
353. Brig V Thyagarajan Judiciary should be kept away from the clutches of the Politicians for democrary to succeed.  
352. A S BUTALIA    
351. H.Balakrishnan Judicial reforms is of paramount importance if we are to sustain our cherished democracy. -
350. Sandeep Jalan

349. Mahesh Chander    
348. Kunal Kashyap    
347. shri paul sharma It is right. 809/2a Prem nagar Civil Lines Ludhiana
346. Cdr RK Hukku (Retd)   E 190 Sector 21, Noida, UP, 201301
345. LtCol CNB Kaimal OROPshould be implemented
342. Girija Madhira The Judiciary in India needs a thorough overhaul for delayed justice, without which the nation will be left with no credible avenues to fight injustice zadeshwar Road, Bharuch Gujarat
339. Alok Tholiya Alok's Jihad against Judicial system of India: There are coaching for all but not for new litigants, there are forums for all sufferers but for litigants , no counseling, no one to advise on court procedures, no reception/conference/ waiting room at courts for them ( litigants have keep standing in lobby n passages where even chairs are not available, they have to run for buying court fee stamp, Xeroxing , gum stick ( no single window stall to provide all this ,they have to keep searching for advocates attending different court rooms, no reservation in court canteen ( I was once asked to vacate chair in canteen as during lunch break canteen is reserved for Advocates) , no car park for litigants,no library for litigants, no system to get advance intimation that court will not sit today so you reach court and return as court is not sitting ( even clerk of ur adv. will not send u SMS and help save ur time and travel), every small paper/ application to be filed before Hon. Judge wasting his precious time,(filing Tholiya Bhavan,
338. Kankan Kumar Das An excellent effort Mumbai
337. Kavi    
336. Chitra Nandakumar    
335. Chitra Nandakumar    
334. Vikrant sharma    
333. Bimal Desai I support this petition to make the system healthy 10, RGPPL, Dabhol, Maharashtra
332. Palanisamy    
331. BIMAL RAJPARA I do agree. C-2/203, New GAIL Colony, Magdalla, Surat
330. RajaRC    
329. Yashasvi Shrivastava    
328. N.Chandrasekara Kumaran   D-4,Dev Apartments,77, Kalashetra Road, Chennai-41
327. Neeraj Mittal    
325. b chamoli    
324. venkata ajay sali    
323. dipdyuti chowdhury    
322. Shantanu Das I agree.  
321. Alana Each individual voice is needed to stop the evil governance of our country  
320. urvashi sharma even mytothological gods are accountable n transparent for their acts then why not the judges . are they above the god ?g f 2108 , rajajipuram , lucknow , uttar pradesh
319. Barbara Thyab Ali I am a proud and decent Indian who wishes that corruption and injustice must be wiped out forever. P O Box:38485 Sharjah UAE
318. Girish Shukla I endorse the steps for improvement of judicial process in India as a much needed measure.  
317. Ravindra Waman Pathak   1 Surashri 1146 Lakaki Road Shivajinagar
316. HGPANDYA    
315. sushrut pandya    
314. dr.rajendra jaiswal  chriatian missionary is under compans act as wellas under bombay public trust act 1950 that in year 1962 c.missionary took money to sell house and land to my father and took money and thenrefused to do saledeed on ground enqiry 100 of charity commissioner m.s bombay asking them to be trust under charity commissionwer and then1964 they were governed under bombay public rust act 1950 and in1966 they as company applid to charity commissioner bombay and in 1971 charity commissioner ordered u/s 36 to alienate property in my favour seller again refused sale deed to us who were purchasers they seller extended order u/s 36 upto 31.5.73 high court stayed thiss order and then vacated stay and seller again refused to do sALE DEED CIVIL COURT ARE BARRED U/S80 BPT ACT but they say order u/s expired .they pass order and recovered land from me by rd59/02 i loose money and land seller is withmoney and land. civil jd ju dn nagpur.RD59/02 pray to stay and alienate property as disobedience of order wp 556/73 house no 188/0 gaddigudamkamptee road nagpur m.s india
313. varinder thakur this action is moist welome and the poor person will get justicer and the judical officer were thinking we are greast in power and they were using illegal power to support whom they needed and this commisswion wil contorl the brain of such corrupt judical officer 18 b new janakpuri ambala cantt haryana
312. Krishnaraj Rao I concur that the recommended changes are urgent, as the judiciary has become a law unto itself and needs to be severely reigned in. The only justification for the judiciary to exist is if it truly gives timely and affordable justice to the common man, and deters the mighty from trampling over their rights. Currently, such is not the case. Currently, the justice of courts is unaffordable and unavailable to the common man.  
311. Vijay Manghnani    
310. Dr. Leo Rebello I suport this petition  
309. Badri Narayan It's high time the judicial system is made accountable to the public  
308. Sanket Kashid    
307. Kussh Singh The country needs judicial accountability and administrative reforms in the judicial system. The judges must hear a case from day to day instead of postponing and delaying hearings as has become the norm Mumbai
306. P.Chennaiah   APVVU/NAPM
305. Shibayan Raha Justice for all  
304. Suresh The slogan that judiciary is the last resort for the common man is no more relevant. Judiciary is the last sign imperialism in India. They think they are not accountable to anyone. The days are not far when the POOR knock the doors of Court for Justice. They will realise what accountability means  
303. Maj KJS Sekhon( Retd) Recommended for consideration 26/2, Himgiri enclave, Bathinda Cantt, Bathinda, Punjab 151004

302. Babubhai Vaghela I strongly recommend judicial accountability in India 202 Sarap Opp Navjivan Press Off Ashram Road Ahmedabad 380014
301. Hemant If judges are transparent why don't they agree for Judicail Reform-Accountability. If they do injustice to innocent citizen. They should be accountable. Responsbility comes with accountability.  
300. Prasad Pl restructure entire indian judicial system  
299. Dinesh Choudhary Justice delayed is injustice. If an innocent spends 10 years to get justice then it is punnishement for him/her in terms of time,energy, money spent in order to get the justice. So justice must be delivered in efficient and unbiased manner to retain the faith in truth, honesty and sincerity.  
298. K Ravindran    
297. ARUL GEORGE It is a very important issue in our country.Generally people with money and mussle win justice.Hereafter,a commonman can also dream for justice.  
296. V. Santosh Kumar    
295. George Henry   Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
294. Hariharan PG I do endorse the Judicial Reforms-Accountability Petition to The Hon'ble President and Prime Minister of India S-3, Third Floor, Akshay Gaardens, 3rd Cross, Jayanagar, Vadavalli, Coimbatore-641041
293. Sandhya Ravindran    
292. R GOPAL No kid glove treatment to judiciary please. They too are accountable and answerable to the people.  

291. col. prc rao Badly required specially land cases dragging 25 years in most of the case elederly have died.  
290. RAJENDRAN P M    
289. Wg Cdr Rajeeve Lochan   4/205, Rakshapuram,Mawana Rd., Meerut
288. kashmira grewal It is about time that our powers -that- be re-member the basis of a democaracy - Govt OF the People, FOR the People and BY the People!! If our Judiciary and our Leadership forget this then I suppose We, the People need to remind them of this and urge them to perform their duties, which is to uphold Law and Order and Protect the inerests of the common man!  
287. Brahma Narain Mehrotra    
286. Col HN Shivkumar   Hyderabad, India
285. Anthony    
284. RAVI.V.P. "Yada Raja Thatha Praja", As Once our former Election commissioner had commented, let us begin the cleaning and correction process from the TOP P.O.Nellikode, Kozhikode
283. John McGinley    
282. Souvik Banerjee    
281. Nair Narayanan Kutty    
280. Sanjay Shirodkar Let us fight together.  
279. Santhanam Ramasubramanyam The Executive is uderpeforming and is highly corrupted. No doubt the Judiciary by fits and starts, sometimes brings to attention these points. Classic case is that of Delhi's Corrupt MCD which has authorised illegal constructions. Sometimes Judiciary being constituted of human elements delivers the wrong judgement also. 151, Konark Apartments, Pocket A-4 DDA SFS Flats, Kalkaji Extension, New Delhi - 110019.
278. A.K.Sukumaran    
276. John C DeSilva    
275. U.K.Nair    
274. Col(Retd) Sudhakar Satpathy,Sena Medal All the emebers including the member fromjudiciary MUST have record of unblemished conduct & character & outstanding professional track record B-204,Sri Ram Vihar Apartment,Nilakantha Nagar,Nayapalli,Bhubaneswar-751012
273. Rajesh Dua National Interest is Prime  
272. Brigadier V Mahalingam    
271. mathen.p.p nil kakkanad,ernakulam
270. DP Ramachandran    
269. col Madhuker Jagirdar   28 Gun Rock Enclave
268. Ravimenon Thuvakkat Judicial accountability through a National Judicial Commission is sin-qua-non to preserve democratic values and reinforce faith in judiciary at the grass root level.  
267. PT Gangadharan    
266. mr promod chawla India with be greatly helped with judicial accountability to leap forward  
265. Radhakrishnan Madathil Hope the authorities shall also understand that "Justice delayed is justice denied"  
264. Rajan Mannil    
263. Anil Sood It is unfortunate that in a country of nearly 100 million, when we think of reforms we think of hand full of people that too belonging to POlitical or Bureaucratic class, little realising that the Common Man is the worst hit with the rot that has set in today is creation of unholy nexus between the Politicians, Buearucrats, lawyers and members of judicial fraternity who have insulated themselves. It is suggested that the NJC must include two prominent social activist excluding retired/vrs/resigned from service IAS/IPS/IRS/IFS or any other services. It is the common citizen who can espouse the cause of common citizens with the corridors of power  
262. vincent    
261. Maj Gen S.G.VOMBATKERE (Retd) The Judiciary at all levels should be more accountable than the lay population in matters of legality and propriety because they have enormous constitutional power to judge and condemn (or acquit) accused persons, and change the course of their lives and the lives of their families.  
260. Col NR Kurup (Retd) The National JudicialCommission should include theLeader of Opposition from Lok Sabha also as aMember  Deepam, Mutteri Madham, Chettemcoon, Tellicherry-670101, Kerala
259. Brig CS Kamboj,VSM, (Retired)   551, Sector 28, Noida - 201303.
258. Raghavanunni P M In these days when greed overrides moral values, this is a right step.  
257. Prasanna The rate of Judicial corruption is increasing day by day and there is absolutely no accountability. Therefore a transparency in Judicial system has become essential and I strongly support this petition.  
256. Kujad Jani It's high time that our Judiciary is systematized to ensure political and economical stability in the country.  

254. S Gandhi    
253. Rameshwar Singh Horrible Commies. Impose President's rule 631 Rocking Horse CT, San Jose, CA 95123
252. Ujjal Dutta The guilties should be punished at any cost 38,Mayur Bagh Apartments, A - 6, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063
251. Syed Tanveeruddin The state of law and order is so appalling mainly because of the failure of our justice delivery system presided over by the judiciary. And the judiciary is failing us with impunity because there is no accountability, no check. And there will be no legislation to check them because most of our law-makers are themselves facing trials in various courts and depending on the whims and fancies of the judges to get away scot free. A law is on the anvil-the judges accountability bill- but it is illogical to trust judges to judge themselves. If that is so, why should the legislators and bureaucrats be dragged to courts? Shouldn't they also have laws to dispose of the cases against them, themselves? It is imperative to have a jury outside the judiciary, with of course a law-qualified member to guide the proceedings, to judge judges and the punishment should be at least twice severe as for ordinary citizens. Veerappa Moily Administrative Reforms Commission has recommended just about the same recently. Siddharthanagar, Mysore, Karnataka
249. Gp Capt(retd) OP Taneja, Advocate I wholeheartedly support the need for a forum to deal with the accountability of judges at all levels. today the members of judiciary feel that they are not accoutable for thier actions to any one and pass orders which are far from fair. There is a crying need to have some forum to whom judiciiary made accountable to. 287/sector 17, gurgaon-122001
248. Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana The judiciary framed in such a manner that it shall never be normally active and entertain any arguments on record against government policies may be expressed or implied. Let these might be adverse or harmful for masses especially minorities to any extent like killing of Muslims in Gujarat and the genocide of Sikhs in 1984, though it all happened under the unwritten policies framed, intentionally and deliberately, by the respective governments. No body can deny to the prevailing discriminatory judicial system in India. The Hon’ble court concerned may verbally utter harsh language in the matter against the functionaries of government for newspaper headlines only otherwise the net result would never be against the unlawful and inhuman actions of the State machinery. For the reason, every criminal and bad character likes to pose as a politician considering himself fully protected as a part of State. The rich and influenced is also always has upper hand in this judicial system.  Chief and Spokesperson, Sikh Vichar Manch, Resident of # 12333/1, Street# 12, Vishvakarma Colony, Behind Sangeet Cinema, Ludhiana-141003; Mobile: 98143-34544
247. Apoorva Agwan I participate whole heartedly as I have experienced personally and seen many other innocent people fall pray to the judical corruption.  1, Madhav Baug, Brahmin society, Naupada Thane 400602
246. Mithun M. Bhaskar   Assistant Professor, EEED, SREC, Warangal, AP
245. PP RAGHAVACHARY, Advocate It is hightime that Judiciary is brought under the clutches of law and the conduct of the judges monitored. No. 15, Sri Aurobindo Street, Pondicherry-605001
244. dwaraka please save this country from corruption and religion politics  

243. shailesh gandhi All instrumentalities of the State must be accountable and open to scrutiny in a democracy  
242. Prof R K Gupta    
241. vikramp Parne    
240. ambanna bagali    
239. Jayashree J.N. Corruption every where has to be fought by everyone. A transparent judiciary is needed NOW. Please join the fight against corruption. Visit  
238. Kranthi    

236. VA Subramanyam    
235. G.V.N.Rao Relevant and apt to have judicial accountability 27/I/887-5, Balajinagar, Nellore 524 002
234. Aaishik Kar The judicial system undoubtedly needs an overhaul C-97, Palashpalli, Bhubaneshwar-751020, Orissa
233. Mohan Siroya  Accountability - A must  
232. denis khan Enquiry commissions should have judicial status  
231. Ashok Sharma We need these recommendations implemented and adopted NOW !  
230. Amrit Mehta This needs serious consideration and is long overdue.  
229. Dr. Leo Rebello Presently, the SC Collegium has usurped all the powers which is not good. 28 Samata Nagar, Kandivali East, Mumbai 400101
228. Jinoy    
227. Bharat Sukhparia This should be taken up as a very urgent and serious issue by all concerned. 103, Shri Laxmi Narayan, Limda Lane, Jamnagar-361001 (Gujarat)

226. AMAR RANU    
225. dev chopra Judiciary must be seen to function, stay above board, and provide justice within a known time frame.  L-30/8 DLF City-II Gurgaon 122002 Haryana
224. Rajni Prasad I support the petition #501, Sri Jyothi Residency, Karthikeya Nagar, Nacharam, Hyderabad
223. Arvind Amin Judges cannot cheat out Hustice 13512 Dulac Cove ,Austin, T X 78729 USA
222. M V Chilukuri I support the petition  
221. Satbir Singh Bedi    
220. HASRAT ARJJUMEND We support the voice  
219. Nita Jatar Kulkarni    

217. P B Deshpande    
216. J.K.Barry    
215. Lt Col CH Barbosa (Retd) There has to be accountability New Delhi
213. S K Rathee    
212. Dinesh What can one say when one sees the nation dying under the stress of corruption by mighty, the politician heading the list , followed by administrators, slow judicial system and common man facing the wreath of corrupt. I pray that country be saved to enable an Indian to raise his head and shine.  
210. Digby Lall Greed and the need for self preservation are the cause of corruption and judges are not immune to such emotions but since they are the final arbiters of justice strictures on them need to be severest of all Reading, Berkshire, England, UK
209. Alok Pathak    
208. Cdr. Akeel Shaikh    
207. K P C Rao The judiciary must be made accountable  
206. Maj Gen M Bhatia VSM (Retd) High time the judiciary was made accountable. Ever heard of a Government Dept closing for vacations?? The judiciary does so. This smacks of the "Raj Era". There are thousands of cases pending. Can the judiciary afford the luxury of "going on leave" and closing Shop????  
205. Col Vinod Batra If judidiary is corrupt then who will provide justice to common man. H.N. 853, Sector 9A, Gurgaon
204. Anurag Garg Immunity of judges from criminal investigation is not justified and suitable amendments be made in constitution if necessary. The contempt of court act also needs to be amended to ensure that truth howsoever unpalatable is not brushed aside.  
203. Anoop John   Kowdiar, Trivandrum
202. P. P. Unnikrishnan   Pulari, Killikkurussimangalam, Lakkidi, PIN : 679301
201. R. Gopal I agree  
200. Prof. Piyush C. Sharma,Ph.D. The Editotial "Commobn Law" in TOI,New Delhi February 6, 2007 is relevant to this petition. H-374,Gautam Nagar,Bhopal 462 023
199. P.Mukundan    
198. Col CV Venugopalan (Retd.) I think we're proceeding on the right and just lines. 405,Sector H, Chandranagar, Palakkad 678007
197. KPM Das    
196. Geetha    
195. Saritha    
194. m.haridas    
193. Roupesh Menon    
192. S B Gogia    
191. NARAYANAN KUTTY.K how to expect justice from a guilty judge? Riyadh, KSA
190. Kunnath Venugopal I support fully the petition Sminu Tower, Prem Nagar, Borivli, Mumbai
189. vitthal dempo Its really high time we did something about our " judicial" system. While judges can pass 'strictures' against anyone while delivering judgements, no one can pass any against them, except by the judges of a superior court and you can do nothing to a supreme court judge except to impeach him. In most of the cases the delay in disposal of cases can be attributed to the judges alone. The increase in the incidents of extra judicial recourse by people is due this delay in delivery of judgement. There is a strong case for the judges to be judged on their performance and made accountable. Coming to the final conclusion I feel that the Reforms are an absolute necessity.  
188. Colonel A Sridharan    
187. Maj R Gopal (Rtd) Eminent people from public life with a clean back ground,having dedicated their life to social work, veterans from armed forces, civil servicesetc to constitute this panel. No politicians please. Few eminent retd judges from high/supreme courts to guide the panel on legal proceedings.
186. Cdr Kujad Jani, I.N. (Retd)    
185. Tanmay Kant Judiciary should strengthen democracy and not promote autocracy to curtail the good being of citizens. This is not a rogue country. People deserve good and impartial treatment independent of caste, creed or sex. Please make judges accountable and civil judicial process scrutinized if not in-camera process. Allow some kind of judicial head at each courts to seek corrective actions rather than appraoching High Courts at Sate capitals!! At least for civil and family courts.  
184. Col K Mohandas (Retd)   "ASHIANA", Post Office Junction, CHITTUR(PALAKKAD) -678101, Kerala
183. girija mohan    
182. P.Balagopalan, Lt Col (Retd) A strong need, to be looked into  
181. K. Laxminarayana Rao   T - 005, Unitech Apartment, Shivanahalli, West of Chord Road, Bangalore - 560010
180. Anil Kumar. K. The very people who give the judgement should also be answerable for the same. Only then we can ensure that the judgements made are fair enough and unbaised.  
178. M V Chilukuri I support the petetion  
177. R siddharth menon Its high time we did something about our " judicial" system. Annanagar, Chennai - 40
176. R C Nigam I have signed but I know that because the things have come to such a passe that no tangible result is expected. U know, I know, everyone knows the character of 'Justice' Banerji of Godhra-Laloo fame & another 'Justice' Malimath, who retired as Ch Justice and has been the blue eyed boy since retirement and, therefore, been heading as chairman/member etc since retirement, of one or other tribunal/commission, about whom in the CAT an advocate commented that he was working as Govt Advocate instead of an impartial Judge. Lets hope against hope that the petition brings reform in the rotten society dominated by MAFIAS.  
175. ram    
174. Dr Brijesh Kumar There is definite need of accountability for judges as some of the recent judgemnents are against common sense and justice prima facie. 435,Sector5,Sector5,Urban Estate,Gurgaon
173. K. Murali

172. Somakumar P.M.    
171. Gope Lalwani   116 cambridge Place CHALFONT Pennsylvania USA
169. gururaj    
168. RAVINDRA NATH GURU It is high time, that reforms and accountability is imPlemented before the complete system collapses  593,DUNDUBHI, 24th Cross BSK II Stage BANGALORE-560070
167. K S Sharawat    
166. NAGARAJ.M.R. it is the only remaining pillar of democracy in india which still retains faith by the public. a few power hungry & grredy judges are bringing bad name to the whole judiciary. in their greed they are making contempt of citizens of india , constitution of india & the very august offices they hold. this is an appeal for the honest few in the judiciary to book their corrupt colleagues. editor HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH # EWS 190 HUDCO 3RD STAGE HEBBAL MYSORE - 570016 INDIA
165. Col Sudhakar Satpathy,Sena Medal(Retd) I subscribe to the views B-204,Sri Ram Vihar Appts,Nayapalli,Bhubaneswar-751012
164. Preetha    
163. Anjan Kalyani S. G Please do not delay the judicial process. It is a better to suffer injustice silently rather than fighting for years and not getting results. 39/2-2, Kalyani Raghavendrashram,Kalyani Gardens, BSK 1st Stage, Bangalore 560050
162. vinay kumar    
161. Deepa B    
160. Savitha Alanghat    
      159. cpc nath Delay in reform is as good as justice denied!  
158. Rajendra K Gupta Besides setting up Judicial Commission to hold judges accountable, the bureaucrates are to be first made accountable by altering their permanancy of service clause and setting up District wise empowered panel including eminent citizens,senior bureaucrates(retired) and a retired judge to hear grievances against corruption, negligence ,misbehaviour ofanykind and poor performance of any bureaucrate of class II and above from any service,with power to dismiss and impose heavy fines.Judges should be doubled in all courts of india immediately and pre trial manadatory reconcilliation in smaller criminal cases and all civil cases should be introduced, Hony President -Forum for Enforcement of Civil Liberties-India {India FORCE}
157. Lt Col SS Sandhu There is a need to bring in a high level of accountability in respect of custodians and imlementers of law. Any lapses on their part or play smart with law because of their position of influence must be visited with heavy penalties in shortest possible time. This can act as deterant for others going wayward.  233,sector 18, Chandigarh.
156. P K Das Being a hard core technocrat and only working in private sector, I don't have much knowledge of Judiciary sytems and law. I can only say presently law is not for justice. It is in the hand of money power, muscle power and authority power. If some one gets justice without these, it is by luck. Poor and normal citizen are afraid to go to court. Can our experts of judiciary system find some way by which a normal and poor people can get justice without fearing the earlier mentioned power. Only then we can call India a truely Democratic country other wise it is a Democratic on paper and books only. It is late but not the end. Our Judiciary system must change. I agree with all earlier notes.  
155. S.S.Nair    
154. K G Ravikumar    
153. Grahak Shakti-Voluntary Consumer Organisation .Democracy is the will of the people. This can be exrcised to change the legislature and check them if they are corrupt. The Executive can be curtailed and put under strict surveilance. Now with the tool of the Right to Information Act, a lot can be achieved. However, Judges have extraodinary powers and immunity. They are unquesitonable. Their Character and conductmust be absolutely above board Unfortunately we do no have that kind of quality. We are reaching a point when public confidence in the Judiciary is being tested, Lack of knowledge has created more impediments for Citizens to speak out in the open. Unless this is corrected, we are doomed. We fully support this petition and the sentiments expressed here. We can also illustrate our opinion with concrete eveidence if required. `Power corrupts and absolute Power corrupts absolutely' We are glad that somebody is taking this interest and that too boldly calling for such action in the interest of the Nation. All hope on the President to act. No 57,18th Cross, 4th Main, Chitrakoot Apartment, Flat no 46, Malleswaram, Bangalore-560 055
152. Rima Kashyap    
151. KP Puri    
150. Col. Cyrus Dalal (Retd.)   "Cyza", #152 Domlur 2nd Stage, 2nd Cross, 2nd Main, Bangalore--560 071
149. Kush Singh This commission will come into being soon if we keep at it but it will be in a weakened form as the ruling elite have had a good time for decades now. The balance of power will shift slowly or speedily depending on how civil society gives more and more importance to the concept of governance and its relation to daily life. Unless and until Indian society gives paramount importance to governance, and particpates in decision making process and is ever vigilant, misgovernance (or corruption ) will not be tackled. We need to understand why we are failing in our quality of life by going deeper into an analysis and then action mode. The problem starts with us and not the other way round. I urge all the petitioners to find their areas of interest and join hands with likeminded NGOs and civil society movements in their own way but be regular and committed to action, however small. Electoral, administrative, judicial, municpal etc reforms are being done by many organisations and you just have to join up with them. Toronto Canada

148. Ajay Kapoor judicial reforms are needed more than political reforms New York USA
147. rajesh need of the movement by the public in case they do not agree as why they allowed them before also why can not they provide them alternatives. u s
146. sailesh good keep it up delhi
145. R K ATRI act fast new delhi
      143.Praveen MenonThe law will be obsolete if its not regularly questioned
      by the people it is made for. Active participation by a vocal public forum
      is required to set the ball of judicial reforms rolling. If u think things
      are wrong, then speak out. This is your opportunityIndian Express,
      142.Praveen MenonThe law will be obsolete if its not regularly questioned
      by the people it is made for. Active participation by a vocal public forum
      is required to set the ball of judicial reforms rolling. If u think things
      are wrong, then speak out. This is your opportunity
      141.JANARDHANAN NAIRI have signed as a individual , and the contents are
      my personal views and not of any company or organisation .
      140.Nivedita Nadkarni
      139.P M JayakumarI strongly support this petition
      138.Kris Dev
      137.S Sivakumarreforms are badly needed
      136.karnam rajendran
      135.Bibek Kumar AnandReforms are required everywhere and judiciary is no
      exception to it. It is an knowledge era. In fact in both the other arms of
      the Governance viz. Legislature & Executive , there is no bar of one's
      academic background , in the same way Judiciary too should be open it's
      door to persons having diverse educational background viz humanaties ,
      scince , engineering , medicine etc. Implementing this suggestion will
      really make Judiciary more effective. After all Justice can only be
      imparted by having a keen insight of different aspects of the modern life.
      Above all there should be introduction of the test of morality fand
      sensitivity for all the public posts. We should work in the first place
      for reconciliation among the litigants rather than the fight of ego. No of
      Judges should also be increased, as in the suggested scheme , The
      Judiciary is well eqipped to deal with all the technicalities inhouse, it
      can really look forward to true independence.People's faith in the
      institution is the greatest strength .Bibek Kumar Anand ; Tilkamanjhi ,
      Jawaripur , Bhagalpur ; Bihar ; 812001
      134.Hariharan PGPresently, what we in India have is only 'Judicial
      Independence', and what we SHOULD HAVE is a "Totally Independent
      Judiciary".20, Third Floor, Waterford Apartments, 72/1, East Coast Road,
      Thiruvanmiyur, CHENNAI - 600041

      133.Prof R K Gupta,Time to reign in Lawyers in India.They are main cause
      of injustice and delay.Double the judges in all courts and magistrate
      should dipose cases at pre triasl stage itself.
      132.Lawrence H. RobertsonAll should be held accountable for their actions,
      regardless of who they are6348 Belva Way, N. Highlands, Ca., 95660
      131.Manitham - Promoting Human
      Muthusamy Colony Main Road, Coimbatore-26,Tamil Nadu
      130.Vitthal DempoTo start with, the reforms suggested by Retd. Justice
      Malimath must be implimented and there is need of much more for bringing
      transperancies in lower courts. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400 077.
      129.Brig KS Verma(Retd)
      128.N Bhashyam
      127.Milap Choraria
      126.shobhit jain
      125.Col (Retd) Pramod Kapoor
      123.Ravindra Raghuwanshi Sect. 2/ B-5 / 14, Shanti Nagar, Mira Road, Dist.
      122.S.S.NairJustice delayed is justice denied. We have to take action in
      mission mode instead of deliberating without end.
      121.Saket Narayanaction should be taken as early as possible
      120.Padmaja RavindranThe reforms are urgently needed
      119.Geetha AThe reforms are urgently needed
      118.P M SetumadhavanThe reforms are urgently needed
      117.Ajit SinghJustice in India does exist in the books but not in practice
      in general. And it is agonisingly slow. There are instances of judges
      being sold out and being politically influenced - which is a shame for the
      Indian democracy.
      116.Ajit SinghJustice in India does exist in the books but not in practice
      in general. And it is agonisingly slow. There are instances of judges
      being sold out and being politically influenced - which is a shame for the
      Indian democracy.
      115.Col H B Puri (Retd)
      114.Lt Col R KR NAIDU (Retd)
      113.T Ravindranathan 15, Viman Nagar, Chennai-600074
      112.Col Vinod Batra,SigsMost essential reform would be to remove
      corruption at grass route level at the judiciary it is an open secret that
      when you go to buy a stamp paper or get any thing done at the court u have
      to go through the well established norms of paying some consideration
      which requires to be curbed.House No. 1825, Sector 4, GURGAON-122001
      111.Col DS Hoonjan (Retd)Apply same yard stick for every one irrespective
      of the position/stature of an individual.House No. 262, Ward No. 12, Near
      sub Tehsil, Po Tanda, Tanda Urmar, Distt: Hoshiarpur, Punjab
      110.Brig. (Retd) Chaitanya Prakash,. VSMWe are fast turning into a society
      with no laws and no justice. soon only the Dons and the dacoits will be
      disbursing their brand of justice if immediate and concrete steps are not
      taken to set right this most vital organ of our governance.
      108.Prashant KumarThere is an urgent need to revamp the judicial system.
      as whole the judicial system is on the verge of collpsing, The "Touch Me
      Not" attitute of judges is disaserous and provide them a blanket amnest
      for any wrong doing.. In the name of "contempt of court" great many
      injustice is being done.
      107.Manmohan Jaiswal

      106.KG Ravikumar D94, Doshi Gardens, Vadapalani, Chennai-26
      105.vir vinod raheja
      104.Brigadier Y S Rao ( RETD)Firstly, the President need not consult the
      chief justice in selecting a prominent citizen. Secondly, a time limit
      should also be put for disposing of the legal suits, say 2 or at the most,
      3 years. I have seen court cases which dragged on endlessly for decades
      till the financially weaker party wears out . Any delay, in finalising a
      case, should adversely reflect on the advancement of the judge.If he
      continously indulges in such delays, a provision should be catered for his
      removal with no permission to practise anywhere. Further, the advocates,
      of both the parties, should be disqualified from practising for a certain
      period- atleast for the period taken beyond 2 years. Moreover, the
      advocates should also be fined. Otherwise, under one pretext or the other,
      these advocates, working hand in glove with each other, seek adjournment,
      and judges are only eager to grant them, much to the dismay and
      inconvenience of the parties involved. This aspect has , regrettably not
      been addressed in the petition. Gontuvanipalem, Via Yeleswaram, East
      Godavary dist, A.P.533-427
      103.Brig ( Retd) Sarbjit SinghJudicial reforms to be in line with emerging
      National / Internation order
      102.Israel Jayakaran , Colonel (Retd)I agree
      101.Lt Col Subodh KamatI agree. My case is pending for the last 15 years.
      My brother has died 4 yrs back,the petiotioner died 6 yrs back and there
      are no signs of the case coming up for hrearing. I have written to Chief
      Justice of Bombay High Court to expedite the matter433/11, Saraswat
      Colony, Somwar Peth , Pune 411001
      100.Yogesh Kashyap
      99.Brig Vijay Raheja
      98.Major General M Bhatia VSM (Retd)must be addressed on a war footing
      97.Maj Gen Satish ChandraagreeI-306 SOM VIHAR NEW DELHI 110022
      96.P B DESHPANDEI agree with amandments suggested
      95.L D Martis
      94.Colonel (retd) Prem Kumar ChughI support the Petition - Urgent reform
      is needed for the common good of the Country.
      93.Col (Retd) T N Baba
      92.Tarovar Vermatoday's world we as people of India face greater
      challenges then ever before! today we need a strong judicial system that
      puts up an example to the world. A new improved systen that is capable to
      handle the woes of common man! A system where time required is less and
      not costly! I
      91.N.K. Kamboj
      90.Rajender Kukreja col [retd] r c balwadai agree
      88.Maj Gen K K Ohri, AVSM (Retd)This petition needs earliest possible
      87.Lt Col B V SHIRALIThis is the requirement of the hour.B-8,Fair Field, S
      V Road, Santacruz, Mumbai- 400 054
      86.Lt Col M.D.Sundar
      85.GOPAL K MALIK
      84.sushil kumar chohan
      83.Lt Col N.Devidasnil
      82.Brig D.K . UBEROY
      81.Arun Lal
      80.Col Ashok Bhanot (Retd)
      79.Maj Gen VK Singh (Retd)
      78.Col Vinay Khanna C- 79 , G. K. - I , New Delhi - 110 048
      77.Col R Manoharan (Retd)No one is above the law.The officials who have
      been entrusted with the responsibility to enforce law should be the first
      one to respect and obey the law.D-13/5,Salunke Vihar,AWHO,Pune - 411022.
      76.KEWAL KOHLI
      75.Col.R. Gowri Shankar (Retd) E-73, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad, 500 094
      74.Narendra TalwarI agree with the recommendations
      73.Mandeep DhillonThe Indian Judicial system needs immediate Improvement
      72.Col Sudhir BhatnagarJudicial system should cater for speedy
      dispensation of justice to common Indian Citizen. Rampant corruption in
      Judicial System needs to be addressed on top priority. E - 102, Nivedita
      Gardens, Off NIBM Road, Kondhwa, Pune - 411048
      71.T . L . Sharma  
      70.Col. (Retd). VG Rajanimmediate attention with a purposful end658, 9th
      main, 3rd Block, HBR Layout, B'lore-43
      69.Dr. Uday PoharkarThere is an urgent need to bring in place
      accountability of justice system; if what is proposed needs review it
      could be reviewed.Aundh road, Pune 411020
      68.Col Jaspal Singh (retd)
      67.Thomas JohnI agree 116 wheeler Road, cox town Bangalore -5
      67.Thomas JohnI agree 116 wheeler Road, cox town Bangalore -5
      66.Lt Col Hira L. Sathu(Retd)This action sholuld have been taken up long
      back. However, better late than never.
      65.Col VK Chhabra( Retd)No one including Judges are above the law.20355
      Sherman Way Canoga Park, CA 91306
      64.vipin kumar
      63.Col KPC RAO (Retd) E-47; Sainikpuri; Secunderabad 500 094
      62.Manohar Ramtri
      61.Rohith Ajjampur
      60.Sanjay DaniSupport the petition! The proposed NJC, whether
      judiciary-only/dominated or otherwise, will receive hundreds of
      complaints.. It must follow (1) a well-defined, time-bound process to
      establish prima-facie culpability that would mandate witholding work from
      the accused or acquittal; (2) If indicted, it must initiate formal
      investigations+fair trial under the NJC; (3A) For civil or criminal
      offenses committed by the accused, NJC must initiate civil/criminal
      proceedings in the Supreme Court with same rights/punishments as any other
      citizen; (3B) For judicial offenses not covered by civil or criminal code
      or upon conviction under 3A, the NJC may recommend resignation, failing
      which must submit its proceedings to the Parliament to initiate
      impeachment proceedings. The NJC must communicate its findings back to the
      59.Prof R K Gupta
      58.Brigadier CS Kamboj (Retd)The Indian Judicial Systems needs immediate
      57.Pravita Menon

      56.Sushil JainRestoring values by redefining education to include
      systematic teaching of Human Values in schools, colleges and training
      institutes is the Key. How do expect judges should behave when they did
      not have the opportunity to learn these values. Prevention is important.
      Laws are plenty and more can be made but who will use them without the
      wisdom of life.
      55.Somu KumarIt is high time we bring reforms in our judicial system or I
      am afraid the consequences will be horrible.
      54.Ujjwal Banerjee
      53.anandplease look this..
      52.S. M. ARASUCriminals (Read Politicians)in India ie Bharath thrive on
      the ineptness of the Judicial system whereas common men suffer from
      it.Surely it needs a thorough overhaul before serious break down befalls
      the Country.General Secretary Anticorruption Movement,7,Kaveri
      street,Gandhinagar Saligramam,Chennai-600 093
      51.Sunil Menon
      50.Vina RajAlso Implementaion of Malinath Commite report and review of DV
      bill replace thw word woman with man and /or woman, As violence can be
      against men also Pune
      48.N Bhashyam  
      47.JAWAHERJAINuntil & unless every citizen of india will not exercise
      his/her right to vote and patriotic people citizen of india will take the
      power of india.Corruption can not be stopped. Until & unless Law enforcing
      agencies will not use its power to enforce law of land ,corrupt people at
      highest level wil sing their own song and people of the country will have
      to dance on their own.There is no accountability & responsibility of
      Judges, Law is there but who will enforce.Saiyan bhaiye kotwal to dar kahe
      ka. 4688 umrao singh street pahari dhiraj delhi- 110 006
      46.Najmudin Bookwalait is requiered24/52 Anand sagar,Bandra Reclamation
      Bandra west Mumbai 400050
      45.ram kumar
      44.V. M. KumaraswamyYES. I agree with the petition. We need to act fast.
      43.Ravi Kant Pathak
      41.Kalyan Panda B-5,OmShanti,UsmaNagar,MithChowky,MaladWest,Mumbai 400064
      40.P. MADHUSUDAN
      39.Sachin Agarwal
      38.Satish IttyI hope they would also look into the huge backlog of cases
      throughout the country and would take some steps to prevent the daragging
      of casses which mostly afftects the common man.
      37.Padmakumar S
      36.Udayan Chawdharyin the interest of justice.
      35.udayan ChawdharyIn the interest of Justice.
      34.udayan ChawdharyIn the interest of Justice.
      33.N.K. Nair
      32.Milap ChorariaI am fully supporting the objects.
      31.Shanthi Divakaran
      30.Mohan Lal Gupta Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
      29.Abha Khanna
      28.Ramesh Narayan
      27.Dr.P.Sankaran kutty
      26.jyothi shree lakshmi
      25.Brig V A Subramanyam
      24.George AntonyJudiciary is the second highest corupted sector after the
      23.Mandeep Singh Bajwa
      22.Manu Bharat O.The functional nature of the commmission should be
      transperent in nature'sadhgamaya', thorapalayam, palakkad, kerala, 678001
      21.Kalyan PandaAlso Police
      20.Wg.Cdr. K.Parthasarathi,VSM (retd)
      18.RajgopalWhile judges can pass 'strictures' against anyone while
      delivering judgements, no one can pass any against them, except by the
      judges of a superior court and you can do nothing to a supreme court judge
      except to impeach him. In many cases the delay in disposal of cases can be
      attributed to the judges alone. The increase in the incidents of extra
      judicial recourse by people is due this delay in delivery of judgement.
      There is a strong case for the judges to be judged on their performance
      and made accountable.
      17.R.RajendranTime taken to render justice is too much and this should
      also be addressed apart from considering the situation under which a crime
      was committed.In most cases the rich and influential get away with crimes
      committed deliberately whereas the poor and underpriveleged get punished
      for crimes committed not intentionaly.
      16.Atul AsthanaReforms are an absolute necessity. And should make a
      perceptible effect in two years time
      15.Brig (Rtd) R. Rangachari

      14.A.N.SuryanarayananExcellent Job!
      13.shreekumar menon
      12.Col K Mohandas (Retd0
      11.Priya Darshini Kurup
      THE LAND2, Professors' Colony-Chennai-600059
      9.Cdr. Kujad Jani, I.N. (Retd) 59 Theresa Court, Galloway, NJ (USA)
      8.Rajiv MIt is high time that we ensured that law makers do not become law
      breakers since our system heavily leans on the neutrality of the Judicial
      system. Once this premise is broken, the entire system will breakdown; the
      only question is how long it will take to breakdown. As regards
      constitution of the NJC, even in science, the accuracy of interpretation
      depends on an independent observer. So I support the court-martial type of
      committee advocated by Maj. Ravindran.
      7.Col Madhuker JagirdarI fully support the views.28 Gun Rock
      6.y.janardhan rao
      5.Achal SridharanI endorse the views of Ravindran. High time we did
      something to bring in accountability in our judicial system.
      4.Joy Koruthu
      1.P M Ravindran
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